Embodied containers for meaningful interaction & deep soul
Stewarding unforgettable celebrations of life, LOVE & sisterhood
Lainie Love's personally-tailored rituals and ceremonies expand the traditional palette of five senses to open up the exhilarating realms of the aesthetic, spiritual, and relational. She re-infuses everyday life & relationships with depth, passion, reflection, adventure, and true love while dissolving the paradigms of religion, gender and sexuality to elevate you to the next level. Inspired by rites of passage and celebration rituals from a broad spectrum of cultural and spiritual backgrounds, she employs a unique and revolutionary platform to bring captivating immersive experiences into the new millennium. Take a risk at true transformation, conscious celebration, and bliss!
Sacred Sisterhood
Deepen the existing bonds and intimacy with your closest girlfriends with a sacred ceremony tailored just for your unique group & the women in it.
Life Transition
For those who may be in the midst of a major job change, moving to a new home or rebuilding after the loss of a loved one, these rituals are just for you.
Self Esteem
Enhance your inner soul essence, become more comfortable in your own skin and step into your authentic power in the world with these tailored rituals.
Love & Sexuality
Deepen your intimate relationship with yourself or your partner(s) & learn to see your lover, partner or friend with fresh perspective, compassion & vulnerability.
Healing & Spa
Treat yourself to elaborate pleasure rituals to help you come home to your body, including sacred water rituals, alternative healing modalities and more.
Group & Custom
The more adventurous and custom the better. We love to hand-tailor once in a lifetime experiences that will help propel you to the next level of your potential.

"Lainie Love, thank you for blessing our incredible sisterhood circle! You are the supreme goddess, loved your outpouring of love and holding space for our amazing collective. Our party of 5 girlfriends-collective- shotgun-wedding was an exquisite treat and totally appreciated! You are a true master, holding space, creating the container and allowing such powerful feminine beings in your care."

  N.B. - Superwoman Entrepreneur
Bring deeper meaning & significance to your daily life
Gain freedom from limiting beliefs
Create true transformation on multiple levels of your life
Open to inner & outer pathways to abundance
Let go of patterns & ways of being that no longer serve you
Overcome self-sabotaging behaviors
Cease your inner power & stamina
From private one-on-one or group rituals, to events & parties, to weddings & transitions, Rev. Lainie works with you individually to make sure your ceremony or ritual experience is anything but cookie-cutter Each event she creates with you becomes its own embodied container for meaningful interaction, promoting overall awareness of the body and 12 senses as well as a deeper understanding of the soul. Visual delight is had by all. Latent emotions are stirred. Thought and memory are engaged. Immersive environments activate the psycho-therapeutic potential of ritual, bringing to life the healing powers of daily P.L.A.Y.ful communication, love and joy.

As an ordained Interfaith minister, Rev. Lainie is qualified and eager to work with people of all religious backgrounds, taking the best of each tradition to create meaningful ceremonies and affirmations. She is also open to those who do not consider themselves “religious” or “spiritual” at all but nonetheless want to tailor a meaningful experience that reflects their own core values, beliefs, or unique love for their partner.

Seeking to move beyond traditional paradigms of “masculine” and “feminine,” Rev. Lainie embraces the broad spectrum of gender and sexual orientation in all of its forms. All are included in her ecstatic celebrations of love! Well versed in the importance of ritual, myth, and storytelling, she devises experiences for you that are both individual and connected to the centuries-old narrative of human connection.

Most importantly, Rev. Lainie is available to counsel and move you forward in all phases of your relationship & life, to embodied BLISS.

Your Guide
Lainie Love Dalby
Artist & Transformational Catalyst
Lainie Love Dalby is a thought leader, transformational catalyst & soul midwife on a mission to free human spirits that have been oppressed & devalued, especially women & the LGBTQIA community. With her own brand of multimedia ministry, she is dismantling old systems, ideas and ways of being that promote separateness and limit our full evolutionary potential. Her ultimate goal is to help us feel more comfortable in our own skin and live in greater alignment with who we truly are by unleashing our creativity and capacity to sparkle shamelessly once again. Overall, she is guiding us to become leaders of change – in our relationships, our work environments, our communities and the world – so we can create our lives as a great masterpiece for the good of all. As global ritualist Barbara Biziou has said, "Like a great sculpture, Lainie Love can see what lives inside of you and frees it to live fully." Read more at www.LainieLoveDalby.com

"‘We wanted to say THANK YOU! We appreciate you being so kind and generous with us over the last few weeks and providing guidance to help us along our journey. It is because of you and your efforts that our wedding turned into such a wonderful, joyous, and memorable moment in our lives. Keep up the amazing work that you do and the creativeness you bring into the world! - with much gratitude and appreciation’."

Mel & Sherry
© 2016 Lainie Love Dalby  |  photos by Elisa Garcia de la Huerta